Campos Corporación is a small business located in my hometown of Los Mochis, Mexico. Like many small businesses in the region, visual identity is often overlooked. This problem is increasingly high in developing countries where design has a different set of standards compared to the United States. With that in mind, I designed a strong logo for the owner, Carlos Gerardo Campos Aguilar. Using his four initials, we worked on creating a contemporary monogram that is both bold and timeless. The logo is now used as the main logo for his business, and we plan on expanding the brand in the coming months.

Campos Corporación

Year: 2015
Categories: Art Direction, Design

Creative Direction
Graphic Design


The business’ main purpose is to sell agriculture and aquaculture related goods, such as fertilizers and bactericide, to the large number of farms and farming companies of the region. Los Mochis is mainly a farming town, so this type of enterprise is quite abundant and necessary. There is a lot of machinery and equipment involved in this type of business and we wanted to have a logo meant to be bold but dynamic.