As a major project for senior design students, the faculty connects us with an actual client, and provides us with a team project titled: Cats in the Community. A wide range of clients in the local community find themselves in need of a design overhaul. In most cases, these clients are institutions or centers that help the local children and other people in need.

Kellond Elementary School
Class Project

Year: 2013
Categories:  Design, Management, Print

Creative Direction
Design Proposal
Graphic Design


The amount of work varies depending on the project and the client’s needs. Our challenge was to create a new look for the environment inside Kellond Elementary School. Our theme surrounds the idea of nature’s biomes. Each section of the school would house an individual biome such as the Desert, Forest, and Ocean. The idea behind this was to give children interesting and relatable visual ques. By doing this, each section would end up becoming its own independent and meaningful place. Our design included: re-painting the main reception office, the cafeteria, various hallways, and the creation of murals for specific rooms. The final design was showcased in a booklet which was distributed to the client for final approval.

Kellond provided us with a great space where we could express our creativity. Elementary schools are supposed to be fun, bright, and colorful. Many of our childhood experiences happen during this time, so our design needed to reflect that mentality.