I am Carlo Sebastian Campos-Alvarez

Let’s create something awesome!

As a graphic and motion designer, I have been able to work on a great variety of projects, ranging from logo design, to video animations and web design. Throughout the years working in this industry, I have become very confident in my skills as a designer and an employee. I am also open to learning new things and staying up to date with current technologies and trends, especially when they help improve upon my work. I feel that my current passion lies within the realm of digital design. Web, Motion and UI/UX, these categories really excite and inspire me. I hope my path keeps pointing towards that direction.

Working as a graphic designer allows me to bring my passion for color and geometry to life. I consider myself a hard worker, in the past having to perform all sorts of odd jobs. Now, I have the pleasure of doing what I love for a living. I want to keep doing this for a very long time. I have been fortunate and privileged to sticking around my amazing team, first at Bigfish and now at Highnoon, so the need to keep my site up to date with current work has not been present, therefore please be advise that all of the work presented here dates back to at least 2015. If you are interested in seeing what I’ve been working on, please take a look at all of our current video and design work at Highnoon.co or visit our Vimeo at this point in time I have had a hand in pretty much everything motion/video related from concepting, to storyboarding, to animation, shooting and video and sound editing.

Outside design, I am a huge video game and science fiction fan. I truly enjoy spending my leisure time playing a good video game or watching a great Sci-Fi movie. I am a total nerd for Star Wars, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, and Halo. I also consider myself very tech savvy. I enjoy building and upgrading my own computers, as well as keeping up to date with the latest gadgets and software, both for the purpose of self-indulgence and improving my design workflow. Another passion of mine includes exploring Japanese language and culture. I am an avid anime/manga fan and posses a minor degree in Japanese language from the University of Arizona.

I am currently the lead Motion Designer at Highnoon in Tempe Arizona. If you are interested in my work and need designs done, please send me a line or two. Let us continue the conversation in order to create something awesome!