For many years the University of Arizona’s department of Fine Arts has hosted an annual gallery exhibit where fine art students are encouraged to submit their art work. The students compete in various visual communication categories. Each year three alumni are invited to judge the exhibit and give a series of lectures to the students, providing them some perspective on the professional side of their degree. In 2014 I won the opportunity to design and organize the 38th Annual Visual Communications Show.

University of Arizona

Year: 2014
Categories: Design, Management, Print

Award Design
Creative Direction
Exhibit Curation
Poster Design


Year after year, senior design students compete for the opportunity to curate and organize the event. My entry poster for the competition was inspired by the 1927 film, Metropolis. I wanted to create a powerful image that would elevate the significance of Visual Communications to a higher level. I felt that the use of geometry and bold colors would accomplish that goal. At the same time, this design allowed me to create interesting award sets that correlated the theme and atmosphere of the show.

Following the concept of geometry and non-traditional materials, our awards were made from laser cut, engraved, acrylic sheets. A print sat in between both sheets displaying the award place and category. As tokens of gratitude, other awards were made for the various people involved in this project.

Besides creating and designing the event, I was also tasked with organizing and managing it. With the help of a small student team, we were able to deliver an excellent show deemed worthy of remembrance.