VenuMngr is a cloud based software that supports venue operators providing the necessary tools to better expose their businesses through marketing, operation tools, and analytic tools. Their service is web based, so anyone is able to access it in order to manage their venue, be it a restaurant, a club or a bar. This company is young, and together with the owner, we are trying to push it forward, creating a better design standard so it is able to compete both intellectually and visually.


Year: 2014 | 2015
Categories: Design, Motion, Print, Web

Creative Direction
Graphic Design


Originally, VnuMngr had a very dated logo. Its color scheme, typography, and visual elements created a very unwelcoming atmosphere, and although we are still working to make things better, the new logo and color scheme helped us establish a new visual standard. This brings all other elements together visually keeping things under control. Besides the logo and business cards, I have created other affiliated projects such as flyers, Google advertisements, responsive email newsletters, iconography and a couple motion graphics.