Coordnaut is an application designed to help teams manage various tasks and objectives throughout events. My colleague and friend, Cyrus Ahmadi, and myself worked together on the project during our final year, as undergraduate design students at the University of Arizona.

University of Arizona
Updated Senior Thesis

Year: 2014 | 2015
Categories: App Design, UI | UX

Creative Direction
Digital Design
Pitch & Presentation
Senior Thesis


Application of Coordnaut’s concept would enable teams to better manage and handle various objectives and tasks within an event. We created Coordnaut with a space exploration theme following the idea of putting your team in orbit. Users are able to monitor members, manage team objectives and complete tasks. The app would enable you to deliver a better costumer experience to your patrons. We believe having this kind of logistical control would enable managers to fortify their teams, giving them the ability to efficiently handle future missions together.

Coordnaut was designed with accessibility in mind. The application provides plenty of information to keep team members connected and up to date.

In order to reduce the amount of object layering, we decided to implement an accordion type of navigation. This keeps users focused on the current interface while still giving them the necessary options and tools they need.